Inspiration: A Year Long Road Trip & More Tiny Houses

The below video is so inspiring. (Caution: It may make you want to quit your job and do nothing but travel.) It's about a family who was sick of working just to pay for a big mortgage. They decided to make a huge change and sell everything they owned. They bought a travel camper and hit the road with their four young children to venture on a year long road trip.

I've become overwhelming obsessed with finding a way to live a gypsy lifestyle. Since our trip to California there has been much talk about building our own tiny house on a trailer. Will it happen? I can't say for sure since I don't know what our future holds for us. If it was up to me today though, construction would have already started. hahaha

I recently stumbled across a very inspiring story about someone currently building a house on wheels. His name is Ethan and his house is pretty amazing I think...


I really enjoyed reading his story about why he decided to build a tiny house and how he is going about it. His house isn't finished yet so I am really excited to be able to watch the rest of his progress. You can read his story HERE.

Not sure if you can live in a tiny house? Do you wonder how small is it actually? You can now stay at the Caravan Tiny House Hotel located in Oregon. You can get a true feel for how the houses are. I think this is great idea for someone considering building a tiny home. Cody and I plan to stay in one sometime next year.


We actually spent some time over the weekend de-cluttering closets, selecting things to donate and also determining what from our toy collection we are going to try to sell. If you are going to live in a tiny house it requires a huge amount of downsizing. I am so ready for a huge change in my life. Downsizing my possessions is a great place to start I think. Here are some tiny homes that I fell in love with on Pinterest...


I hope you find these images and stories inspiring. I have started sketching my own tiny house floor plans.
If I can get my drawings looking descent enough I may share them here on the blog someday!
View my entire Tiny House Pinterest board HERE.


  1. Such an amazing story. I wish I could live my life like this.

    1. You could, you would just need extra space for all your comics and cool toys! ;)

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  3. Oh my gosh this makes me really really REALLY wanna do this!!

    1. You totally should! Even a smaller house on a foundation. It's all about saying up money and not having to worry about loans, etc! Freedom!! :)

  4. I love this for you Jessie. I really do! It's not for me (and that's ok too) but I love love love people trying to do what makes them happy and I love when you post about tiny houses. We are looking to get a house late next year and apart of me just feels so stressed. No more can we just up and leave. How nice would it be to have a house on wheels. Even if you never drove anywhere. Just to be able to cut your housing costs down and be in the situation to do what you really wanted, or to do nothing at all. If you want to work 10 hours a week and just read books all day- how awesome. LOL. Life is too short to do stuff you hate just to try to keep up with an "American Dream" you may not want. (Sorry I wrote a book. I'm inspired though!)

    1. I'm so glad you find it inspiring! I regret buying out house now. We thought we would be in cheyenne long term at the time though. We plan to sell it once all the updates are on. Everything you said is exactly why I want to do it! We'll see.... What a blast it would be to decorate!!!!

  5. Replies
    1. I will once I get them looking better. I also designed the house in Sims. Hahaha


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